Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My office flooded last much for the nice rain :) I pretty much spent all of today extracting water from the carpet.

To combat the extreme bummer of a day, I'm making a homemade pizza and drinking a bottle of wine. DP and I are trying to perfect our crusts. For a while I was using a lot of whole wheat and flax, with a bit of oats to give fragility. We found by accident that the best crusts have a good helping of semolina flour. For this crust, I'm using Greek olive oil; it has a different taste than the whole foods organic olive oil...more olive-y. I'm currently waiting for the crust to rise, browning the sausage and drinking a glass of zinfandel. A good antidote to the day.

I'm spinning the Spincerely pretty thin so that I can get a good sock-weight 3-ply. My 3-plies usually end up a bit heavier than true fingering weight. It's beautiful spinning.

I'm not sure what the spinning kick is all about, but I've been thinking about spinning all the time. I used to bring a spindle everywhere, but it's been so cold that I've just been bringing my knitting. I might have to stash a small spindle to combat this itch.

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