Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring already?

Even though it's not technically spring yet, we're having warm weather.  I went on a walk with my niece yesterday and ended up carrying her piggyback for most of it.  Blagh - it was so hot and uncomfortable!

I finished the one double heelix sock for DP, but still haven't even cast on the second.  I need some quiet time to concentrate on that heel; once I'm done with that, it's smooth sailing.

I pulled out that cardigan, but I don't know if it will even fit me now.  I need to start exercising again; I haven't done any real load bearing exercises for the past year because of my back problems.  For health's sake, I need to get myself into shape again.  My upper body isn't the problem - work takes care of that - it's the waist down that's the issue.  If only moving furniture whittled one's waist!

LG (Lady Grey) is doing well and growing like a weed.  Her last weigh in was 7.5 lbs.  When we got her, she was about 4 lbs.  Time sure does fly.  She's learned to sit, and to "show me" when she wants something.  Sometimes it's just for someone to come with her to the litterbox :)

We're still working on not scratching people in fun - she knows what "be nice" means - but she's still young, so she gets worked up at times. 

She's really enjoying her raw diet.  Unfortunately, she has a chicken sensitivity, which means that chicken (raw or cooked or in any food) gives her intestinal troubles.  So we're stuck with beef right now.  We might branch out into lamb at some point, depending on the budget.  I'm also wondering about rabbit, but I don't think it's worth buying a bunch of it if she turns out not to like it.