Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The holiday season is so stressful that it's pretty much mandatory to have a day off to rest and reset my brain.

Right now, I'm working on gloves for Dneph, and I have a scarf in the works for DP.  I have a list of other things I'd like to start on, but I'm trying to hold off actually starting them until I finish one of my current projects.

I love the fall, but this year I'm feeling more melancholy than usual.  I can't really explain it.  I'm hoping that crafting will cheer me up.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Crafting season

After a long, slow summer, I'm suffering from a case of start-itis.  I have a Beekeeper's Quilt and fingerless gloves on the needles, and I'm about to cast on a pig.  I also bought another couple of patterns...something about the fall weather just makes me want to craft like a madwoman.  I've started a Christmas list, and I might actually follow it!

In other news, I have my teenage nephew living with us.  It's crazy to 1. have another person in the house, and 2. have a teenage boy in the house.  It takes some getting used to :)

I finished that swap shawl, but I don't think I have a picture of it anywhere!  Argh.  It was 18 oz of two ply fingering weight that I made into a faroese shawl with a lace band and gusset.  Maybe I can find a pic somewhere...

I finished the Diamond Waistcoat socks (finally!):

diamond waistcoat done

They fit well, and I'm going to try to write up that pattern, maybe with a variation.

I also finished Uinen:

uinen done

But it didn't fit :(  It was actually too wide in the shoulders, so at least it wasn't because I gained too much weight!  I gave it to my little sister, who is taller than me and wider in the shoulders, and it fit perfectly!

I also made a pair of fingerless gloves for DP (which Dnephew tried to snag):


They're exactly the kind of thing DP likes, so I was happy to find them.