Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where are the pictures?

Of course, I still haven't taken the pictures I meant to...argh.

I did finish the silk slip from KLS, but I had to rip out the bodice seams after trying it on. DP thought that it looked great, except for the boobage area. Those darts were just too square. So, I'm working on getting them a bit more curved. If I made this again, which I might, I think I would rework the darts with short rows or something.

The babydoll is just 9" away from being finished. I have to decide whether I want to do the thong panty, the bikini, or make a boy short.

My socks are languishing, mostly because I bought this book and have been reading it instead of knitting on the bus.

I also found out that there's a group of congregants that think I'm ruining the image of the congregation because I'm so mean. My meanness consists of attempting to get payment from users of our building who refuse to pay rent. Argh.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wedding bells are ringing

This Friday is my best friend's wedding, and I'm completely unprepared. I decided that I'll wear an outfit I wore to another wedding, since I don't have time to buy or make a new one. Argh!

On the knitting front, I'm still working on my red socks--until I finish them, I won't start the STR Firebirds. I still need to get some time to finish up both the silk slip and the silk babydoll from KLS. This past weekend was utterly taken up with going to my parents' house (as I had guessed), so I got nothing done.

In sewing news, I'm going to help my sister make herself a simple cotton skirt. We got the material yesterday, so now it's (as ever) a question of finding the time to go over to her house. I think that it'll take the entire day because she doesn't know how to sew yet :)

I really need to get some pics up of all these projects. Hopefully I'll get that done tonight!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


It's been quite the week--I hardly had time to turn my computer on at home when I got home from work.

I spun another skein of the Crown Mountain roving; I think two more will do it, and I'll be able to start on the socks.

I finally got the silk and interfacing that I ordered for the Silk Slip from KLS, but this weekend will not see very much crafting. We're going to my parents' house with my sister and brother in law for his birthday, then to a baseball game tomorrow. My socks will come along, of course, but I won't be doing any sewing!

As I was working on these socks, I realized that I don't particularly care about sock patterns so much as sock mods. I like to be able to work my standard toe and heel, over my standard amount of stitches, but mix it up on the leg and instep. Something totally different is okay once in a while, but for the most part I like certain things to be predictable.

And now, a propos of nothing, check out this site. I love Indian movies, but I also love how campy they can be.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I was all geared up to work on the Silk Slip from Knitting Lingerie Style--I finished the knitted bits in one day, and then went to iron on the interfacing. Unfortunately, I forgot one important thing: if you use dark bronze yarn to knit a lace pattern, white interfacing ironed on the back is going to look really stupid. Thank goodness I decided to do a "test ironing" and didn't wreck my silk and cashmere lace! I ordered some black interfacing and will just accept that the lace will be a bit more subtle. Sadly, this means that I can't work on the slip today. Sigh.

I'm not one to be without a plan though: I ordered some Adrienne Vittadini Celia to make the Babydoll, so I'll start on that :) I also have a new pair of socks on the needles, since I still haven't gotten my STR shipment and I couldn't keep waiting!