Saturday, July 14, 2007


It's been quite the week--I hardly had time to turn my computer on at home when I got home from work.

I spun another skein of the Crown Mountain roving; I think two more will do it, and I'll be able to start on the socks.

I finally got the silk and interfacing that I ordered for the Silk Slip from KLS, but this weekend will not see very much crafting. We're going to my parents' house with my sister and brother in law for his birthday, then to a baseball game tomorrow. My socks will come along, of course, but I won't be doing any sewing!

As I was working on these socks, I realized that I don't particularly care about sock patterns so much as sock mods. I like to be able to work my standard toe and heel, over my standard amount of stitches, but mix it up on the leg and instep. Something totally different is okay once in a while, but for the most part I like certain things to be predictable.

And now, a propos of nothing, check out this site. I love Indian movies, but I also love how campy they can be.

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