Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was past the waist on a cardigan for me, when I discovered that instead of knitting with two US8 needles, I'm knitting with a US8 and a US9. Unfortunately, my gauge was gotten on US8. Argh. I'm not sure how far back up I should rip...I do have wide shoulders, so I might not rip everything out. Doggone.

I haven't finished my SiL's socks yet. I hope to get them done during the Super Bowl. My sister and brother in law will be coming over, because my mom is coming up to watch their baby. My sister's very excited about being able to do grownup things for a few hours.

In other news, I got the birth announcement for my best friend's baby, Caleb. She had the baby with zero problems, but I haven't called her because I figured that she'd be busy learning how to take care of a baby at home (he's 3 weeks old). I'd forgotten who my BFF is! She called me yesterday on her way to Kmart and Babies R Us: she had to buy some ink and a crib mattress for her mom's house. She'd also been to the airport to drop off a friend who'd been visiting. That woman has the most energy of anyone I know, and can multitask more than two octopi. I love her!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm famous

Well, not really. Today I got a packet from Interweave Press, asking me to grant them exclusive rights to my pattern in Handwoven from 1987. Ideas about copyright aside, I was 10 years old in 1987, so there must be another person with my name out there. What's crazy is that if I do a google search for my name, the only results that turn up are me. Who is this other person? DP said that I should have requested a copy of my pattern to check for errata :)

I also got my December heating bill: $300!!! I called the gas company and asked if I could get someone to check my meter, and they said no way. I think something's wrong, because I keep the house at 60 degrees and our furnace is only 5 years old. You can bet that if my bill had been too low, they'd have been over here asap.

I'm about a third up the cuffs on my SiL's socks, and boy is this yarn splitty. I think that if I wasn't doing cables I wouldn't have a problem, but it makes me dread the cable rows.

I discovered a gross bug infestation in one of my bags of handspun yarn. I had to throw the whole bag away: 3 skeins of alpaca, 1 skein of linen and 1 skein of silk. Thank goodness I keep my yarn and fiber in different places and bags. If I had to chuck everything out I'd be quite peeved. I'm now afraid of what else might be living in my stash.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Of course

Well, I was so excited about not having to make anything for anybody that I should have realized I'd forgotten somebody. DP reminded me that I'd promised his sister Becca a pair of 2007. I decided to take the Knitivity sock yarn in Firefly (a yellow and black combo) and rectify the situation. I'm using the Cloning Anemone pattern from the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club. I think it works well with the colors.

I also thought about making this raglan cardigan by the Glampyre. I saw some great versions of it on Ravelry, and it looks pretty simple. I just have to finish all the rest of my projects for other people. Sigh.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wrapping things up

I finally uploaded more of the pictures of Christmas presents.

Golf club cover made of Cascade 220:

club cover

Oven mitt and hot pad, made of white buffalo yarn dyed with koolaid:

oven mitt and pad

Neckwarmer for my best friend, made of schaefer anne held double and a strand of kidsilk haze:

grapevine neckwarmer

I also spun a skein of yarn from the falkland wool I got in the fairytale swap:

falkland yarn

And, I finished one sock for DP, made from yarn he picked out himself:

sock for a stoor

It's peaches and creme dishcloth cotton! The sock is heavy but surprisingly comfortable. I'm planning on finishing the second sock over the weekend.

I'm not sure what I'm going to make next...a baby blanket for my best friend (due in mid-January), handwarmers for my brother, a top or sweater for myself...? So many options, when you don't have to make things for other people.

This weekend I'm also going to be putting new carpet into DP's home office. When we bought the house, I knew I wanted to replace the carpet. It looks like someone got a carpet remnant that didn't fit the room and decided to slap it in anyway. It's wrinkled and stained. I'm going with Flor tiles in charcoal. Very subdued, but that's what he likes. After I recarpet the office, I need to pick out a paint color for my craft room. I'm thinking of a buttery yellow.