Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wrapping things up

I finally uploaded more of the pictures of Christmas presents.

Golf club cover made of Cascade 220:

club cover

Oven mitt and hot pad, made of white buffalo yarn dyed with koolaid:

oven mitt and pad

Neckwarmer for my best friend, made of schaefer anne held double and a strand of kidsilk haze:

grapevine neckwarmer

I also spun a skein of yarn from the falkland wool I got in the fairytale swap:

falkland yarn

And, I finished one sock for DP, made from yarn he picked out himself:

sock for a stoor

It's peaches and creme dishcloth cotton! The sock is heavy but surprisingly comfortable. I'm planning on finishing the second sock over the weekend.

I'm not sure what I'm going to make next...a baby blanket for my best friend (due in mid-January), handwarmers for my brother, a top or sweater for myself...? So many options, when you don't have to make things for other people.

This weekend I'm also going to be putting new carpet into DP's home office. When we bought the house, I knew I wanted to replace the carpet. It looks like someone got a carpet remnant that didn't fit the room and decided to slap it in anyway. It's wrinkled and stained. I'm going with Flor tiles in charcoal. Very subdued, but that's what he likes. After I recarpet the office, I need to pick out a paint color for my craft room. I'm thinking of a buttery yellow.

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