Monday, August 17, 2009

Gettin' Steeky

My sister gave me a blue hoodie that didn't fit her correctly, so I decided I'm going to steek it! Handily, it's ribbed with alternating cables, but there are no cables down the front center, where the steek will be. My sister is very keen to know how it goes, because she has another of these sweaters that she'd like cardiganized, if mine works.

Did you see the new Twist Collective? The green sweater story was so compelling. I want that pattern!

I noticed that several of the things in this issue used stitch patterns that I've been trying to write up patterns using. Argh. I need to work faster, or all of my ideas will be used up! In that vein, I'm trying to get some patterns worked up so I can try to sell them. My dream is to have a pattern published by someone, and this is my first little step in that direction.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Word of warning

If you decide to froth milk in a martini shaker because you don't have a milk frother and want a cappuccino for breakfast - don't.

Addendum: if you go ahead with your plan, note that cleaning frothed milk off vertical blinds is not easy.

I got what I wished for: hot weather! Unfortunately, it's so hot I don't want to be outside :)

I decided to try this recipe: lemon brioche rolls. I think I'm going to substitute a piece of chocolate for the lemon curd, since I have no lemon curd in the house. Every time I've tried to make brioche dough, I've had a problem, so I'm a bit scared. I only made a half batch, because the thought of using that much butter for something that ends up being gross hurts my heart. Also, I only had 2 eggs in the house ;) The dough tastes right, but we'll see how it matures in the fridge.

I got 4 rows of my shawl done yesterday! I just keep telling myself that each row is going faster than the last, though that might not actually be true. I have a way of psyching myself out on these things, evidence the not finishing this shawl during the month of July when I told myself I'd work on it. Sigh.

I got the latest Lord of the Rings sock club installment - a cream with bronze and silver highlights, meant to represent Caradhras. Unfortunately, the people making the pattern misspelled it. I feel so bad for them, but also a bit annoyed. This is the second big mistake of this sort in the club, and this is the fourth kit. 50% is only good in baseball.

I'm not sure I'm going to make the pattern that came with the yarn, but that's just the crotchety person I am. The yarn feels great; it's the same line as the first installment of the club. I didn't actually use that yarn for anything because the cabling on that pattern hurt my arm.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Where have I been?

Even I don't know! I'll try not to neglect my poor blog, even though the holiday season is coming up.

Actually, we did go to Missouri to visit the in-laws and hang out with my newest niece. She's 5 months old and has the most moxie of any baby I've ever met. She's constantly looking around at things, and she loves to laugh! DP was dancing around with her, and she was belly laughing - it was so cute!

I also took a break from the shawl to work on socks - mini-socks, to be precise. I've been wanting to brush up my flap and gusset skills and get better with dpns. I still prefer magic loop, but I wanted to make sure that if I was ever trapped with only dpns I could still survive. These little projects are great bus knitting, and they'll make good present toppers for Christmas.

I know I should be happy that it's not crazy hot outside, but I wish that it was just a bit warmer. I'd like to sit out on the deck with a cup of coffee and my knitting and just relax.