Monday, September 22, 2008

He did it again...

I was spinning this delightful yarn on Saturday:

lonestar yarn

and DP came up and said, "That looks great! I'd love to have a pair of socks made of that!" Eep!

I just got a mini-swap package today, and it included a row counter bracelet!


I've always wanted one, but I never really wanted to buy one. Now I don't have to :)

I'm also doing another non-mini swap, for the Folklore and Fairytales group on Ravelry. I'm pretty sure I know what yarn I'm going to give my swappee, but I have to figure out the rest of the tchochkes to go along with it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When I got into work today, I found out we'd been burglarized again. Everything was a mess, and several of my drawers were broken...though not broken into. I hate robbers.

I'm currently working on mittens for my brother in law. He wanted something like mittens, without thumbs, that he could wear to a football game and put handwarmers in. I've made one so far, but I haven't yet added the interior pocket to hold a handwarmer. My recipe, such as it is, is to cast on 40, rib for about 5", then work straight stitch with yarn held double, increasing by 5 two times. When I get to mid-palm, I put 10 stitches on hold--10 single yarn loops. I keep knitting around on the other loops, so I have no hole where I held the 10 inside. When I'm done with the mitten, I'll pick up those loops and make a kind of pocket, whipstitching it to the inside.

Back to my knitting.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I met a star!

Today I found out that the Techknitter is one of my congregants! Totally crazy.

I finished my Forest of Brethil socks yesterday. Not that anyone reads this or would be interested in the pattern, but I'm going to try to write it up anyway.

Now back to making pizza!