Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When I got into work today, I found out we'd been burglarized again. Everything was a mess, and several of my drawers were broken...though not broken into. I hate robbers.

I'm currently working on mittens for my brother in law. He wanted something like mittens, without thumbs, that he could wear to a football game and put handwarmers in. I've made one so far, but I haven't yet added the interior pocket to hold a handwarmer. My recipe, such as it is, is to cast on 40, rib for about 5", then work straight stitch with yarn held double, increasing by 5 two times. When I get to mid-palm, I put 10 stitches on hold--10 single yarn loops. I keep knitting around on the other loops, so I have no hole where I held the 10 inside. When I'm done with the mitten, I'll pick up those loops and make a kind of pocket, whipstitching it to the inside.

Back to my knitting.

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