Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm famous

Well, not really. Today I got a packet from Interweave Press, asking me to grant them exclusive rights to my pattern in Handwoven from 1987. Ideas about copyright aside, I was 10 years old in 1987, so there must be another person with my name out there. What's crazy is that if I do a google search for my name, the only results that turn up are me. Who is this other person? DP said that I should have requested a copy of my pattern to check for errata :)

I also got my December heating bill: $300!!! I called the gas company and asked if I could get someone to check my meter, and they said no way. I think something's wrong, because I keep the house at 60 degrees and our furnace is only 5 years old. You can bet that if my bill had been too low, they'd have been over here asap.

I'm about a third up the cuffs on my SiL's socks, and boy is this yarn splitty. I think that if I wasn't doing cables I wouldn't have a problem, but it makes me dread the cable rows.

I discovered a gross bug infestation in one of my bags of handspun yarn. I had to throw the whole bag away: 3 skeins of alpaca, 1 skein of linen and 1 skein of silk. Thank goodness I keep my yarn and fiber in different places and bags. If I had to chuck everything out I'd be quite peeved. I'm now afraid of what else might be living in my stash.

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Beth said...

Ha! Take the fame and run!

We just found some bugs in my museum. Ew indeed. It's enough to make a person want a deep freezer for her fiber stash!