Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just realized today that, while I love reading other people's patterns, I don't actually like working from them. This is not because I'm a super designer genius, but because I have a little rebellious streak :) I need to have a sense of control, so I tweak patterns. It definitely makes for interesting knitting!

I think that I need to write up some of my patterns, if only so I can show myself what I do. I have two pretty good ideas in the wings, but I need a good stretch of knitting time to work them out. I wish I was like certain knitters who can hammer out a sweater every few weeks...

On the progress front, I'm almost done with the boteh scarf - I only work on it on the bus, and I've been doing a lot of bus reading, so it didn't get tons of attention. I think I'm actually going to finish it tonight so I can bring something new along tomorrow.

It's starting to thunder, but no rain has fallen yet. I'd better hop into the shower so I can bathe without fear of electrocution!

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