Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm almost done with the pink lemonade socks! I just have the cuff on the second sock to finish - the difference between the two is interesting...I really tried to keep the second skein to fingering weight, and so the second sock is smaller than the first, though it's over the same number of stitches and on the same needles. The proof will be in the wearing.

Next up...I'm thinking a shawl. I have this silk yarn from the 2008 year of lace club that I never got around to knitting, and I think it might make a nice faroese style shawl. I'd like to get some gold seed beads, but with all the road construction I'm not sure when I'll get to the fabric store.

I painted my craft room over the weekend! I used "golden glow", a sort of buttery gold color, and the room feels so much more inviting. The curtains are a dark chocolate brown for the curtain pocket and a lime green for the actual curtain. When the sun shines through, the whole room is suffused in a green glow. I LOVE it!! I kept wandering into my room, just to look at the light shining through the drapes :)

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