Monday, November 14, 2011

Yarn for my MIL

My mother in law found Ravelry a couple of days ago, and she is kind of overwhelmed by all the patterns :) She wanted a free pattern for a crochet scarf, and she came up with over 2000 to choose from!

Besides that, her stash is pretty low, so DP and I will be raiding my stash for some goodies. The only problem is that most of my yarn is fingering weight, and she was planning on using it to make gifts. They'd be nice, but take longer, and she has nine siblings to craft for. I also need to check if she has a ball winder; it would suck to have tons of yarn but have to wind it all by hand (witness the reason I bought a ball winder four years ago).

I'm going to see if she wants any of my cotton yarn. I just don't knit with it enough to make it worthwhile.

Some of my yarn is also a it would be better for gloves or mittens than for hats or cowls.

Off to stash dive!

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