Saturday, November 12, 2011

Still on that kick

I'm totally on a sewing kick. I bought more Moda Prairie Cloth to make napkins and a quilted table runner that's a combo of a runner and a hot pad - no need for unsightly trivets :) It's another pattern of - you guessed it - the Purl Bee. I just need some batting, and I'll be ready to go. I used my last batt to make a baby quilt for my cousin.

I also talked to my sister about my stocking idea for the twins: make blank stockings and let my niece decorate them with fabric markers and quilting scraps. She could even make one for herself if she wanted (I made her one when she was a baby).

I'm still getting over whatever sickness I have...I'm really congested and it's hard for me to breathe except sitting straight up. I'm drinking a lot of tea and hoping for the best.

We also upgraded our internet and phone and got U-verse yesterday. As they say, I've become the very thing I most abhorred :) I'll be able to watch more sports, which is a bonus, and visiting relatives will no longer complain about having to watch PBS.

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