Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life's too short

To knit purl rows. I decided that I'll be steeking Dunkle's cardi, because my purling back rows on the stockinette were utterly slow. I'm 13 centimeters back into the plain knitting, so soon I'll be at the button bands.

I got my partner assignment for the Lembas and Lace swap on Ravelry. I'm pretty excited about it; I have a pattern kind of worked up, though I'll need to spin up the yarn first. It's more fun to spin the yarn than to buy it, the same way it's more fun to make up the pattern instead of following one. Huzzah!

We got a pool for the yard this year - it's actually deep enough to swim in, so DP is teaching me. I actually made my way across yesterday without touching the bottom!

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