Saturday, June 26, 2010

C'est fini!

My Zoe Cardi is done! I'm pretty happy with it, though I had forgotten that silk likes to grow when wet :) I should be able to get a picture of it tomorrow. I even had three buttons that fit with it!

It's warm, but the short sleeves keep it from being too steamy, and it's perfect for being in air conditioning on a hot day. I think it will go well with jeans too.

Now I'm need the Grandma's blessing so I can swatch for the Sprossling.

The yarn for the Lembas & Lace swap has now been spun, plied, washed and dried. I finally get to start working on the lace itself. I'm super excited for my scheme: a center of leaves with little openwork that moves to more openwork leaves, and (hopefully) a leaf border.


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