Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm developing it. Argh.

I hardly knit a stitch over the weekend, thinking that it would make my arm feel better. What I didn't think of was that spinning 400 yards of yarn after spending two hours carding it is not really all that easy on the arm either! I can be a dummy sometimes.

After work yesterday, I decided to knit on my Juno until DP woke up. That gave me about 2 hours of knitting time, with some breaks for pattern reading (I really enjoy reading Big Girl Knits for some reason) and cheese & cracker eating. I have about 6 more inches to go on the body of the cardigan, and I'm almost to a decision point: do I go ahead and make the sleeves once the ball of yarn I'm using for the body runs out? It would be easier to not have to spin the body of the sweater around during the sleeve caps, but for such a short amount left on the body, should I even care?

I'm also trying to finish DP's green and purple socks so I can make him another pair in Cascade 220. He really wants thick socks, and they go so quickly, I can't resist.

This weekend I'm going to Sheep in the City with my mom. Never been to it, but it sounds fun. Saturday will be crazy: Sheep in the City in the morning, my uncle's b-day party in the afternoon and the opera that night. I'm going to be wiped out on Sunday :)

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