Thursday, February 26, 2009


I really want to make something for my sister, but I'm not sure what. Ever since she had the baby, she's had a problem with getting clothes that fit (surprise, surprise). And now, her feet are a size bigger and seem to be staying that way! We both have size 10 or 10 1/2 feet (depending on the time of day) but she's up to 11, so none of her shoes fit anymore. A nice pair of custom made socks will take care of that. But what about a sweater/cardigan?

I was thinking about the February Lady Sweater, because it looks like everyone and their third cousin twice removed is making it, but would it make someone with a post-pregnancy tummy look pregnant again? I haven't seen my sister since I came up with this idea, which is why I'm throwing this question out. I'd like to show her some pictures of things and see what strikes her. Maybe something in cotton for spring?

I also need to make a sock monkey for my sister in law. The latest Knit Picks catalog had a sock monkey pattern on the back, quaintly named Mr. Foster. I ripped the page out and have it posted by the phone to freak out DP. However, yesterday he told me that Mr. Foster is growing on him, and that I should make one for his sister, along with a couple outfits. He'd write a book to go with it. (He writes children's books but doesn't ever try to publish them.) The baby shower is Saturday, but since it's in Missouri, I won't be going, which means I have ample time to concoct a monkey ;) I read somewhere that a sock monkey for a baby is good luck, and my sil loves monkeys, so it's a match made in heaven.

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