Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Rainin' Yarn

Halleluia! I got my April STR kit yesterday, and I'm pretty excited about it. The pattern is a stockinette foot with lace instep and leg, and can be made into knee-highs if you order another skein of the yarn. Of course, that's what I'll be doing :)

Here's an artsy shot of the yarn:

It's very soft, and the colors are outrageous. I'm very happy.

On the "filling up the corners" front, I also bought a few things from my LYS:
lakeside fibers spree

Two skeins of Koigu, possibly for a scarf or some freak-out socks, a skein of Noro SG for the border of my CoH shawl, and some Kid Silk Haze to round out some numbers of skeins I already have. The wine color will be for (hopefully) an Ostrich Plumes shawl, and the violetta is for an as yet undetermined shawl for a friend whose favorite color is purple.

The CoH (children of Hurin) pattern is moving along. I've decided to go with a cabled applied i-cord border, to better suggest Glaurung's body. Before there's any outcry, I don't mind doing i-cord. I made a 10 foot length of it for my brother's girlfriend over a weekend, with the only payment being I got to keep the leftover yarn, and I didn't find the process all that obnoxious. While I was at work I googled "cabled i-cord" and found Eunny's version. It's pretty much what I was planning to do, so I feel validated. If I can get this pattern knocked out so that I can make sure my brain is wrapped around it right, I shouldn't really have a problem. I want it to be done before it gets cold again, since I'm planning on it as an autumn shawl.

I'm off to work some ribbing and come up with something for supper. Yargh.

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