Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter Peeps

Thank goodness we're back home from MO. My dh developed some sort of viral infection about 15 minutes before we left home and was horribly sick the entire time. He's still horribly sick, but at least we're not there.

It was fun seeing his relatives and just hanging out. My sister in law made an happy easter peeps

And we colored Easter eggs:
peep this

I also did a lot of knitting on DP's socks:
dp socks front

They'll have to be washed soon though, because they're full of cigarette smoke. They're simple stockinette socks over 72 stitches on US 0, with a short row toe and heel. I think I'll rib the cuff, but I'm not sure yet.

All in all it was a pleasant time, but I really wish they lived closer to us. It takes us 9 hours to get there, which is about 5 hours too long.

In other news, I finally got a pic of the Monsoon socks:
monsoon socks

I used US 0 for the toe through heel and US 2 for the cuff. I followed the pattern for the toe, foot and heel, but changed up the cuff a bit. I didn't use all the cables they called for, and not all of my cables were 5/1/5 crosses. I think it looks good, and they are extremely comfortable. I enjoy thick-ish socks that cushion my feet, so I am extremely pleased with them.

I hear that there's a scary winter storm coming through this week, so perhaps that will give me more time to post!

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