Sunday, April 1, 2007

Air Raid Sirens

Last night, while watching Double Indemnity, we heard the air raid/tornado sirens TWICE. Argh. That's the problem with living in an apartment on the third floor--no basement to run to. Thankfully, the tornadoes passed us by.

I did some spinning today, finishing up the spring green fiber blends I got from Franquemont Fibers on eBay. Once I predrafted, I was able to spin long draw and I think I have enough yardage for a pair of socks. If it's a little short, I think I'll do the heels and toes in a different color, or maybe use an openwork pattern.

I'm not sure why I enjoy making socks so much, but enjoy it I do. I feel like it connects me to my grandma, who got me interested in crafty things.

I'm looking forward to this week--Passover! I get Tuesday and Wednesday off, along with the following Monday and Tuesday. Plus, I took off Friday, so I'll have a 5 day weekend. De-lightful. Most of the time the holidays don't work out in my favor, but this year is an exception. This is one of the few benefits to working in a non-profit. No vacation or sick time, but no one can work on the holidays :)

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