Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day!

Hooray for May! I can't believe that we're already almost halfway through 2007. Argh.

Yesterday was just awful. I got into work and found that the bad caterers had taken all the dirty tablecloths from the simcha on Saturday and put them into trash bags, instead of laundry bags. I went upstairs to get the laundry bags from the stage (where they are stored with the clean tablecloths), and discovered that the caterers had taken all the clean tablecloths, unfolded them, and threw them onto the dirty stage floor. I got the laundry bags, came downstairs and listened to my voicemail, only to find that the numbers I had for the luncheon Monday morning had gone up 20 people! I quickly went back upstairs and set up more tables and chairs, then came back downstairs and started putting the tablecloths into the laundry bags. Suddenly, my maintenance man came up to me and told me that the walk in freezer had died, and all the food inside was melted. I went back upstairs to find the good caterers (who respect the building and aren't idiots) trying to deal with the pool of blood spilling onto the floor from all the meat that had melted in the freezer. I then went back downstairs and got the mop and bucket so the caterer could mop up the blood, which he graciously offered to do. All of this happened between 7:30 and 8:15. The rest of the day simply followed the theme of madness.

On a more pleasant topic, I finished DP's socks, and he actually wore them all day Monday. I couldn't believe it--I figured that after they were done, he'd decide they were too scratchy or something. The stats: 2 skeins of Claudia Handpainted in Ink, size O and 1 circs. I ended up doing the foot in stockinette on 0, the cuff in 2x2 rib on 1 and the top 2 inches of the cuff in 2x2 rib on 0. The verdict: the yarn makes a great sock, springy and comfortable. However, knitting with it dried out my hands like nobody's business. I've make two pairs of Regia socks in a row, and that yarn has nylon, and my hands didn't get as painfully dry as with the CH. I don't think I'll use it again, unless it's in some color I have to try.

I'm doing more work on the CoH shawl; I've frogged it twice, so it's on its third iteration. I realized while knitting on the bus this morning that I can do whatever I want with it--the words of EZ floated through my head: you are the boss of your knitting. I stopped agonizing over the types of eyelets and whether the tree trunks were twisty enough and just knitted. I know it sounds silly, but it was very freeing.

I also stopped at the coffee shop this morning. I'm trying to cut down on coffee and sweet coffee house drinks (I generally don't actually drink coffee), so I only go Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays now. Unfortunately, a new creature is inhabiting the coffee shop, and supposedly he'll be there every day. He's nice enough, but I don't like to socialize with people first thing in the morning. I may have to change the time I go to the coffee shop in order to avoid him. How irritating.

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