Monday, April 6, 2009

Socks - LotS

I got the shipment of the Lord of the Strings sock club on Friday and dove right in. It's a top down sock, and I actually decided to go top down for it :) I couldn't resist tweaking the pattern somewhat though. My sock is top down, but it uses only one of the lace motifs in the pattern, and I used Cat Bordhi's Cedar sockitechture so that I wouldn't have a short row OR a flap and gusset heel. It's turning out well, but the proof will be in the finishing. The riverbed and Coriolis sockitechtures felt okay, but turned out too big. I scaled the increases down for this one, and I'm hopeful that it's snug enough.

I did end up doing the heel 3 times. First, I got all the way past the heel turning and then found out I'd missed a k2tog somewhere. Rip 1. Next, I got to the heel turning, then found out I'd somehow gotten the heel off center. Rip 2. Third time was the charm.

I may make the second sock using the other lace motif. The one I'm using for this sock is the falling leaves pattern. There's also a "bow and arrow" pattern, so I may have two sibling socks, rather than twin socks. Might make the second sock go quicker...

I finished spinning up my Mooi knockoff, then plied it with a strand of silk/cashmere, then dyed the whole thing in a saucepan with a packet of black cherry koolaid. The bamboo didn't take up much of the dye, so there's a silvery strand through the whole skein. I'm not sure what I'm going to make of it. There's not very much, so maybe a pair of lacy handwarmers.

I'm being very strong and resisting the siren song of the Crown Mountain Farms roving. DP loved the "light my fire" colorway - he was very impressed that what I got in the mail looked just like the picture. I'm enamored by the "tobacco road". If I had a ton of money, I'd buy 3 more 8oz packets of it so I could make myself a sweater.

If I get myself in gear, I'll get some pictures up of the sock, the yarn and the roving. I've also got to show you my craft room - I've gussied it up so that DP's sister and her boyfriend, along with their baby, have a place to stay. They could have stayed in the room even without the gussying, but they would have had to sleep on my rubbermaid yarn totes.

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