Monday, June 11, 2007

Ain't No (Crown) Mountain High Enough...

My roving from Crown Mountain has shipped--I'm so excited!

To answer Amanda, my grasshoppers are not too droopy, though that might be because I ended them before I got to my calf. I think that would be the spot that could cause problems. I made the large size (I'm a size 10 wide), followed the directions for where to start the heel and had no problems with it. Though, "fiddlyness, thy name is reverse gusset heel." I love the end result, but the heel was a bit obnoxious. Nothing specific, just irritating.

I'm happy to see that the new Knitty is up. Wisp, in particular, is very tempting. Unfortunately, my mohair allergy has progressed to epic, palm scratching/breaking out in hives proportions, so I won't be able to knit with my KSH anytime soon.

On the surplice bodice front, my sister told me that I could use some of the purple ribbon she had left over from her wedding, so as soon as I see her, I'll be able to wear the bodice :) I now have to decide what to make next out of KLS. I'm thinking of the silk slip...

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