Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slipping away

Here are the slippers in their finished form:

mal loafers


mal loafers soles

(You can see the leather sole patches I put on them to keep them from being too slippery. Thank you Renaissance Faire leather workers!)

I'm planning to mail the package out tomorrow, if I can find someone to take it to the post office. Hopefully, my swappee will get it by Saturday or Monday.

I'm slowly working my way through the guld wristlets (go to the Bohus Stickning page and they should be on the top). They're not really complicated to knit, but you need to keep an eye on where you are in the chart. It's not really the best bus knitting, but I have to keep busy :) I may end up trying to finish them as an Olympic project - I plan to do a lot of Olympic watching, and I'll need something to work on during all that TV watching.

Other than knitting, there's nothing new. My health issues are still not resolved, but that's nothing new. At least they don't interfere with my crafts!

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