Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally, some pics

Finally, I found the usb cord for the camera! Here's a pic of the gansey (I'm a bit further now, since I have the shoulder straps done:

gansey 3

And a closeup of the ill-fated initials:

gansey 2

My hope is that the blobbyness will block out.

Here's my niece's watchcap, made with STR Walking on the Wild Tide:

scarlett's watchcap

It's blurry, but this is the picture with the color as close to real life as I could get.

Now that I've finished the shoulder straps, I'm going to have to finish the arms. My plan is to work the arms separately to the definition ridge, then Magic Loop them two at a time through the stockinette and cuff ribbing, to make sure they're the same size. I'm going to use the pattern I started with, the triangles pointing to each other, but then at the bicep on each side, stop the cables and insert an anchor (my dad was in the navy). After the anchor, I'll go back to the cabling. I'm also thinking of adding some diamonds or more chevrons, because it would be too boring to just be the strap pattern.

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