Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blogger is killing me

It's really making inserting images difficult.  Blargh.

I finished one mitten in time for the big snowstorm, but I can't really go out in one mitten, so I'm still not quite situated :)  The yarn is Malabrigo Rios, which is very nice.

My little kitty will be 16 weeks old tomorrow.  She's so playful and smart - maybe too smart.  She can get into my mixing bowl cupboard as easy as you please.  This is a bit problematic from a clean mixing bowl standpoint, but I also need to make sure she doesn't get stuck!  Her jumping ability is rapidly increasing, too.  Soon nothing will be safe.

I know she's not a substitute for a child, but it is nice to have a sweet little creature to take care of.

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