Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tour de fleece already?

Wow - it's already July! I'm hoping that the TdF will get me off my duff and onto my spinning chair. I really want to finish spinning up that three ply.

In other news, the shawl is done being blocked and looks great. The other little item I'm working on is still just ribbing :)

The fan in my bedroom is stuck on high, but since it's a ceiling fan and it's the summer time, I don't want to turn it off. My eyes and nose are not thanking me for sleeping underneath it.

Is there anything cooler than cutting cloth off a loom? I have a rigid heddle loom, and I don't do any fancy patterns, but when I cut the warp at then end of a weaving project, I feel so powerful! Like I was telling DP, I have the tools and the ability to make him clothing, should we end up in a post-apocalyptic war zone. I am woman!

Now, this woman has to figure out how to full the cloth without ruining it :)

Happy Saturday!

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