Friday, July 15, 2011

Dang stress

When I'm stressed out, I carry the stress up in my shoulders and neck. Every few months, I get a stress attack, and basically can't turn my head to one side or another because everything is too tight.

Well, I got home from work yesterday and went to take a shower. When I tilted my head back to start washing the shampoo out of my hair - bang! Stress bomb. I now can't turn my head to the left or right, and my left shoulder is pretty much useless. It's been crazy the past few days, and my sister is going to have her twins any day now, so I know where my stress is coming from. The only thing is that there's nothing to be done about it except not get stressed out. Blah!

I'm working on a pair of fingerless gloves and a top for a little girl right now, but I don't know how much I'll be able to knit on them. Ditto for spinning. I need to get inspired again - I may take out my rubbermaid totes and spread the stash out to see what speaks to me. I have so many options - maybe that's part of the problem?

I also want to write up some of the patterns I have running around on scraps of paper. If nothing else, I'd be able to make them again!

In food news, DP has become more amenable to making things on the grill. He's a good griller, but he doesn't like to waste coals. However, he's become an artist with chicken, and this may be the chink in his armor. He fired up the grill for a single chicken breast yesterday! They are so delicious the way he makes them - just salt and pepper, nothing fancy, but you can barely wait for them to cool before you chomp them!

Who knows...maybe by tomorrow I'll have two more nieces!

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