Monday, December 6, 2010

Possible knitter?

I was at my sister's house yesterday, knitting on that One Scarf from KnitCircus, when my niece came over to me and asked if she could hold my knitting (she's 2 1/2). I gave it to her, and she started trying to knit! I was using big needles (US 15) and roving, so it was sized for her to manipulate. My sister joked that her daughter would end up knowing how to knit before she did :) It's been the story of our lives that I try to teach my sister a craft and she never takes to it. The only craft she really got into was card making, but chasing my niece around all day leaves little time for hand crafting anything.

I'm almost done with that scarf; I actually finished the 8 repeats of the cable pattern, but I think I might want to do a few more. I've gotta think about it. I also need to work on the lace fingerless gloves and the fingerless gloves for my niece. A few weeks ago, my sister and I were talking about the fact that her daughter runs warm and doesn't like wearing winter clothes (example: she's still in capri pants and shorts). I asked if she'd wear mittens, and my sister said no way, so I said, what about fingerless gloves? We thought it just might work, so I started fiddling around with different patterns. No final thing yet, but some options - the main thing is: tight or loose? I don't know what will be more hateful, and I haven't been able to put anything on her yet :)

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