Monday, December 13, 2010

The ever expanding list

I was certain that this year I'd finish all my Christmas presents before Christmas...and that's exactly what would have happened, had I not decided to expand my list. Now, instead of just a few ends to weave in (grin), I have several projects I've not even started! I think that, where Christmas and crafting is concerned, I am way too ambitious. If only I was so ambitious about everything else!

I wish I had some pictures for you, but - alas - I do not. It just seems that I can't take the time to take pictures during the weekend days, since I need to knit, and I can't take pictures when I come home from work, because there's no light left. Blargh!

I have finished 3 One Scarves and 2 Cabled Keyhole scarves. Still on the docket are several pairs of wristlets, one beret, a small quilt, two scarves and something else that I can't for the life of me remember. Eeeeek!

I think that I have solved one dad's mittens. I keep meaning to make him a pair, but I always leave it too long. I have a sweater I knit for myself that is so scratchy, it makes me want to die. I believe that I'll felt it, cut it into mittens, and sew him a pair! Anyway, that's my plan now. Perhaps in a few hours, I'll have come up with something equally insane :)

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