Saturday, October 9, 2010

Repairing vertical blinds, spinning Falkland

I had to fix my vertical blinds today; whenever I tried to pull them open, they would tilt closed, making it difficult to get them all the way open. I tried looking online, but I couldn't find anything useful to help me. I finally figured it out - the string to open and close the blinds had come off the pulley wheel on one side. So, every time I pulled the open side, that string would pull down on the closing mechanism and pull the shade closed. One crochet hook and two minutes, and it was fixed. Hooray!

I'm currently spinning up some falkland as a bulky two-ply to make some Malabrigo loafers. I have some green falkland that I spun as a 3-ply for the soles, and this will be for the uppers. I'm excited to have some warm slippers, now that fall is upon us!

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