Friday, October 22, 2010

I have discovered

That I hate spinning unblended batts. I have a lovely batt, in rose and cream, which I'm trying to spin into a two ply laceweight. It's giving me the fits.

On the other hand, spinning the loverly camel down (unblended with anything) into a two ply laceweight is slow, but no trouble at all.

Sigh - there are so many pretty batts, but they're now pretty much off limits, at least until I improve my batt control.

I finished the slippers I was working on; I'll try to get a pic of them when the light's good. They went straight from my needles onto my feet - I didn't even weave in the ends. They're nice and warm and not too big.

I'm still trying to get the Dwimordene pattern written up, but I don't seem to have a nice chunk of time that I can sit at the computer and work. It's so simple, I think people might like to make it, but I have to get my buns in gear and just write the darn thing out.

My brother's visiting tonight. He has a wedding to go to a little ways away, and he needs somewhere to sleep. It'll be nice to see him.

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