Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweaters and support

I cast on for Sprossling in Grandma's Blessing.  The two yarns I got (from Ravelry destashes) looked like they'd be the same-ish color on my monitor, but are (sadly) quite different in real life.  I decided to use the one I have less of to do all borders and button bands, to tie the whole thing together, and possibly use a bit more of it on the sleeves.  I'd prefer to have the body be all one color with any real interference on the sleeves - it seems less troublesome that way.

I also got my supported spindle from Gripping Yarns - it is so beautiful.  Now if only I could spin supported!  I'm working on it, but it's tricky, though I think my charkha spinning is serving me in good stead.  I'm able to spin consistently with only one hand, so the main trick is actually spinning the spindle and not having it fall down.  Sigh.

I'll probably be doing less spinning and knitting in the upcoming months - DP thinks I do too much, so I'm going to cut back and spend more time with him instead of holing myself up in my craft room.  I may also try to do my crafting early in the morning before he gets up so I have more time to spend with him.  We haven't played any board games for a long time.

The swimming is going pretty well.  I would not trust myself in the ocean or even a lake if there was no helper close by, but I'm getting the hang of the whole floating thing.  Now I just have to figure out how to do the backstroke without throwing my balance off and sinking!

I just made up my living will today.  Something that I found interesting in it is that if you are pregnant, it doesn't count.  Hmmm.

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