Thursday, July 9, 2009

I hate mosquitoes

I really do. They're so thick outside that I can't mow the lawn or pick any of the veggies in my garden! Sadly, I'm hoping for a quick rise in temps (95 or so!) to kill them so I can actually go out in my yard . Argh.

My shawl is coming along, though slower than I'd hoped. For some reason, I've only been able to get a few rows in on it this week. I'm further on it than I've ever gotten, so I'm going to keep bulldogging ahead, but it seems such a slog. I think that it's totally psychological, since I was buzzing along on it quite well until this week.

For bus knitting, I'm working on a top down mini sock on dpns with a flap and gusset heel. Crazy! I figured that I might as well teach myself how to do a flap and gusset on the fly so that I can have it in my arsenal. I've just picked up the stitches and am on the gusset decreases. Oh yeah - I also made a picot first! This little sockie has been such a learning experience so far, and it's not even done yet :)

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memsaab said...

I hate them too. But they looooovveee me. And it's supposed to be a terrible summer for them (if it ever stops raining enough to go outside).