Saturday, August 30, 2008

Supportive husbands

DP is cool with my yarn buying...perhaps too cool. When I came home with this yesterday,

cascade thunder

he said, Great! I'd love socks out of that yarn! I guess that just means I have to buy more yarn for myself :)

I finally got the pictures of my other projects up. The first of the Forest of Brethil socks:

brethil foot

brethil foot back

I'm pretty happy about how they're turning out, and I'm almost past the heel of the second one.

I picked up a skein of Cascade 220 yesterday as well:

cascade pumpkin

My plan is to make it into a stocking (with some other Cascade for contrast) for my niece for Christmas. I just love the color.

Finally, a pic of the sampler gansey I made as a preamble to making a full size one:

gansey sampler

I ordered special 10" long steel needles from the UK to make the full size sweater, but when they arrived, they were NOT steel, but teflon coated aluminum! I emailed the company, and they said that they ship whatever they have in stock at the time, so if they have more aluminum, that's what they'll ship. Rather than waste the money to ship them back to the UK, I decided to keep them. I'm just really bummed, because I specifically asked for steel needles, and that's what they said they'd send. They offered me 5% off my next order, but the dollar isn't strong enough to make it worth my while right now. They're a very nice company, but I guess I shouldn't buy anything from overseas if I might have to return it. Just one more thing to make me depressed.

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