Sunday, February 10, 2008

Biscotti, three ways

Today I just finished spinning and plying the third installment of fiber from Susan's Spinning Bunny. I bought three types of fiber in the same colorway, Anshan's Biscotti, to see what they look like spun up.

The first is merino/tencel, the second is merino/silk/angora, and the third is targhee:

anshans biscotti

The merino/tencel blend is noticeably shinier, and it has a silky hand. The angora blend is duller and redder, for some reason, along with being a bit fuzzier. The targhee is dull (or matte, if I don't want to hurt its feelings) and very springy. This isn't surprising...I think targhee is a down sheep, and the suffolk I've spun feels similar.

My plan is to make socks out of the tencel blend, fingerless mitts out of the angora and something out of the targhee. Exciting!

DP's new socks are coming along nicely:

orange socks

This pic was taken yesterday, and I've put another 2 inches on these guys. They're very lightweight, so I think they'll be good spring/summer socks for my easily overheated DH.

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