Sunday, December 9, 2007


I wish that I was better at blogging. I just get so busy reading that I forget to write!

I'm working like mad on Christmas presents, and I have all but one finished. I've made 3 Wisps and I'm finishing the 4th. I also have two hats and 6 ornaments done. For a person who usually finishes a pair of socks in 2 months, that's a pretty good percentage :)

I decided to Etsy several presents, figuring that if I can't make them, at least the recipients are getting handmade stuff. I got some beer soap for my brothers, a sweet coffee mug for my friend Deb (I might add a spider-special if I have extra time), and a beautiful clutch for my Mom. I also got some fun bath/body care stuff for my little sister, whose birthday is the 20th. Where else can I buy things and feel good about it?

I have to start taking pictures of things that I'm making before I give them away!

I also need to get back into the lace groove. With all these Wisps under my belt, I should just jump into one of lace projects I have in the wings and stop fiddling around.

Well, back to Wisping...

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