Monday, May 14, 2012

What's that about a break?

I've been working like crazy on the cardigan, but the going is slow.  LG around means less time for knitting.  Either I'm playing with her, making food for her, or asleep :)  Seriously though, I've had less time to work on this than I'd like.  I was planning on getting a lot done on Friday, but I had to work late, and then was at the symphony, so the day only included about an hour and a half of knitting time.

I'm hoping to finish the back this week.  I'm on row 60-something, and there are over 200 rows, so I have a ways to go.  I'm really looking forward to the point on row 141 when I get to join the sleeves to the body and actually decrease.  I love decreasing. 

In other news, my brother will be coming to live with us for about a month in June, and then our nephew will move in in July.  It will be interesting to see what living with other people is like again.  We haven't had any long term houseguests for a year or so now.

Eventually I'll have some pictures of the cardigan, but for now, just imagine something that starts out in a rainforesty type blue on the bottom and transitions up to a blue-grey on the top.  The drawbacks of not having 4 skeins of the same color :)

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